I need a vacation.

A solo one. I love my husband and daughter to death, but every so often I just feel like I need to get away by myself for a bit.

I’ve had this feeling pretty strongly for the past couple days. Jason is on nightshift while he’s on light duty at work. He sleeps during the day, so I’m pretty much alone with Julia for the majority of the day. Julia is in full blown naughty toddler mode, so needless to say she is driving me up the wall lately. Her new favorite thing to do is empty the contents of her clothes drawer all over the living room floor. She did this about 7 times yesterday, and about 2 so far today (it’s early yet).  It doesn’t matter what I do – time outs, firm talking to’s, hiney spanks – 5 minutes later she’s at that drawer again. Even distractions don’t work for long. We play together, color, watch some cartoons, have snacks, but eventually she always finds her way back to the drawer. She’s also got a penchant for things she’s not supposed to have. You know, the TV remote, Daddy’s cell phone, the vacuum cleaner cord. Again, it doesn’t matter what I do, she finds away to have at ’em.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that my favorite time of day is 7pm-midnight. Julia goes to bed at 7 (sometimes later), and thus begins “mommy time”. Mommy time isn’t very exciting. It usually consists of me sitting on the couch with the computer on my lap and that particular day’s favorite television program on. A couple times a week I use Mommy Time to clean the kitchen, or straighten the living room, but ultimately I’m too drawn to doing Mommy things. Lately, I’ve found myself staying up later and later to try to prolong my Mommy Time, but that’s starting to backfire on me, as I’m finding myself more and more tired during the day.

One of these days I’ll have to leave Julia with Jason and take a day for myself. Perhaps meet-up with my sister for some shopping, or take a daytrip to the town I grew up in to visit with my old buddies. Something. We’ll see. For now I’ll stick to my fantasies and my Mommy Time.


Texting while driving.

This PSA video about texting while driving is floating around the ‘net, and it’s been causing some commotion. It’s obviously meant to open up people’s eyes about the dangers of texting while driving, though some don’t seem to be getting it.

In a parenting forum site that I’m a member of it’s been posted numerous times. Some refuse to watch it because it’s graphic (which it is), and most can’t seem to get passed the fact that an infant in the other car gets killed. The video is graphic, and some might say overdone, but I think it’s absolutely necessary.

People these days don’t seem to get that driving is a privelidge that requires undivided attention. We’re not only responcible for ourselves and the passengers in our vehicle, but for every vehicle we encounter and it’s passengers. However, in our age of technology and all it’s gadgets, it’s easy for most to get distracted. And it’s not just about distraction, either. There’s also the ‘invincibility factor’. People refuse to believe that something bad just might happen to them. They all think they are the master of driving while distracted.

Sadly, they’re not. No one is immune to disaster on the road. Even if you are paying attention, who’s to say the driver of the car behind you is, also?

Anyway, I personally think the PSA clip is not only NOT overdone, but also necessary. It shows exactly what can happen when a driver becomes distracted.

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My love.

Just some pics of Julia I took this afternoon.

Video of Julia.

Totally stoked.

Jason and I spent most of the weekend making plans for our anniversary weekend getaway. We were  hemming and hawing over what we wanted to do, and ultimately decided to go to Gettysburg.

As a bit of a history lover and a big fan of the paranormal, Gettysburg is someplace I’ve always wanted to visit. We originally wanted to book a Bed & Breakfast, but they’re a bit pricey, so we’ve decided we’re going to stay at a Super 8, and that way we’ll have more money to spend on dinner/sightseeing/souveniers, etc.

On Thursday I have to call the Tour Center back to reserve our spots in the Midnight Ghost Tours. Friday we’ll be touring the Gettysburg Orphanage, and on Saturday we’ll be touring the Jennie Wade House. I’d imagine we’ll also see the Battlefields, and of course we’ll go for a nice romantic anniversary dinner.

I’m so stoke!

Happy Anniversary!

This is a day late, but yesterday was my grandparents 49th wedding anniversary.

This is for you, Grandma & Grandpa!

Love you guys!

Julia’s 18 month check-up.

Thankfully I am feeling much better today. Still a little run-down, but my throat’s not nearly as sore as it’s been, and I can swallow with ease. I still have a little bit of a cough, but again, it’s a lot better than it’s been.

Julia had her 18 month well visit today (18 months?! sheesh!). She’s 24 pounds (50th percentile for her age), and 32 1/2 inches (75th percentile). After a thorough once-over the doctor declared Julia to be “perfect.”

I honestly can’t believe Julia is 18 months old already, but as the old saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun.” And fun it’s been. Julia is the light of my life. She is just the sweetest, funniest little kid. No matter how bad a mood I’m in, or how sick I might feel she can always put a smile on my face. And she’s smart, too. Almost too smart for her own good.

I can’t gush too much more without getting teary, so I’ll just move on to some pictures of my little boogie butt.



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