Sick kid.

Julia’s been sick with a fever for the last day and a half, so I’ve been busy playing Dr. Mom. The fever breaks with Tylenol, only to return a couple hours later. I tend to like temps go b/c they are actually beneficial to an ill body, but her’s was getting kind of high and she was complaining of being achy, so I figured a little Tylenol wouldn’t hurt anything. Not sure what exactly is ailing her, but I hope it doesn’t spread. Though, if it does, I’d rather it be now then when we go on vacation.

We are going to Mystic, CT for the week of July 4th. I’m very excited, since this will be our first official family vacation as a family of four. We plan to see the seaport, and the aquarium, and hopefully a beach or two.

On July 2nd we are having a cookout at my mother-in-law’s. Some family and a few friends, good food, and an undisclosed amount of firecrackers. Should be a fun time 🙂


Well, this is a short post, as it’s nearing bedtime. Here are a few pictures of this kids I took this afternoon. Excuse the scratches on Julia’s face – she fell outside the other day.


Wow, it’s really been a while.

*Ahem*….Hi. So, apparently I sort of let this blog get swept under the rug. As you can well imagine, a LOT has happened since my last post. I am now the mother of two (still sounds strange) children. Julia is now almost 3 and a half years old. Too smart for her own (and my own) good, bright, energetic, funny, beautiful…I could go on forever about that little girl. Our newest addition is our son, Owen. He is 9 months old and is the sweetest little boy I have ever met (yes, I’m biased). He is a complete Mama’s boy – to match our Daddy’s girl.

I must say, I’ve adjusted pretty well to having two kids. When Owen came along it was like he was always meant to be here – a puzzle piece falling into place. Julia adjusted beautifully, and took right to her roll as Big Sister. Jason, of course, loves his boy, and is relishing in the admiration he gets from both children. Owen is the first boy in my side of the family in some 30 some-odd years, so of course he’s been quite doted on.

I’d like to say that a lot has happened in the last 18 months since I’ve posted, but sadly, not much to report (aside from the newest addition, of course). I’m still a stay-at-home mom, something I wouldn’t change for the world. As trying as it may be sometimes, it’s the most rewarding job I could imagine.


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