Crappy Summer.

You know what sucks? Pneumonia. I had it a couple weeks ago and it kicked my butt. I even spent two days in the hospital because my pulse ox was too low and I kept failing to peak flow test. After my brief stint in the hospital, and a 5 day Z-pack, I’m feeling much better.

Between being sick, and crappy weather, its made for a semi-crappy summer. We went on vacation to Mystic the first week of July, but since then we’ve done a whole lot of nothing. Before I was sick, Julia was sick, so that had put a damper on things, too.

This weekend I am planning to take the kids to my grandparents’ house in NJ, and then from there we are going to my other grandparents’ house down the shore. I am very much looking forward to it. I love visiting with family, and it will be a very welcomed change of pace/scenery for the kids and me. My sister has some time off from work, so she’ll be going down as well. I’m hoping that she and I can have a fun little sister date. I’m very excited to squeeze in a little getaway before summer fades away.

We are also planning Owen’s 1st birthday party. I CANNOT believe in a few short weeks he will be one. It’s really crazy how fast time goes when you have children.


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